The Year of Good

If you haven’t noticed, PeaceMeals has been on a bit of a hiatus. These past few months came and went in a flurry of relocations, new beginnings, strategic planning, preparations, bear hugs, mistletoe kisses, blizzards, resolutions remembered and made and forgotten, and lots and lots (and LOTS) of homemade, heartfelt food. Seriously, people. I am still reeling.

Welcome (back) to the table. It's good to have you here again. Photo credit: Magnified Joy Photography

Welcome (back) to the table. It’s good to have you here again.

PeaceMeals has been on hold for all these reasons, plus a strategic re-think of what it will look like based in a new location in the Midwest of America and with new vision. But even as we have been away, we hope that you have taken the opportunities to savor (and indulge in) the season. Even now, it’s not too late to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue, let a peppermint melt slowly in your mouth and notice how your entire body feels, and to have last-minute guests over to your place for unpretentious leftovers and good cheer.

After a topsy-turvy past few months, the New Year has brought a fresh wind to PeaceMeals. There are big aspirations for this year: breaking new ground in new locations, testing new recipes, building the internal logistics of the organization, guest blog posts…oh my!

Thank you for your patience as we sort out a few details and work out some kinks on the website. Check back now for regular blog posts with delicious new recipes. And if you are interested in getting involved in a PeaceMeals group yourself, visit the Contact Us page and let us know!

Photo Credit: Story People by Brian Andreas

Photo Credit: Story People by Brian Andreas

In one of his most brilliant stories, Brian Andreas writes,

“There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here:

to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & say it was good.”

Maybe this year isn’t about having things all planned out. That inevitably falls through anyway, right? Maybe this year is all about taking each day as it comes. Doing good work, then walking away from it, and playing when it’s time to play. Not stressing so much about planning and presentation and having it all together.

This year doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to make money. Instead, just enjoy it, so at this time next year you can say that, no matter what happened, it was good.

Why not make a resolution to savor more this year? Don’t multitask when you eat. Just eat. Host a dinner party a week – even if it’s just with yourself. Resolve to never criticize anyone’s cooking (instead, say it was good!). Or, simply drink more water. This is a moment of refreshing, rethinking, resetting, and recognizing the good all around us.


12-31-13 Cath Joshua Engagement-WEB-083

Bright new mornings. Bright new beginnings, for all of us.


Photo credits: Magnified Joy Photography


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