The Cuppa Challenge

A Cuppa Tea

Take the Cuppa Challenge this week!

During a recent PeaceMeal, I came up with a personal challenge that I want to share with you all. We talked about the importance of “a cuppa” in this part of the world. That is, whenever anyone comes to visit, or whenever you want to relax, or whenever you want to have a conversation, it is obligatory that you “put the kettle on and have a cuppa.” A cuppa tea, a cuppa coffee…a cuppa whiskey…whatever you prefer. The cathartic act of preparing a simple drink, the human connection of handing over liquid revitalization, the comfort of holding the warmth close…all these things are often lost in our busy days. Often we choose convenience over quality. Rarely do we take time to slow down and savor something so simple.

The Irish and the English are particularly good at this, in fact, and at the PeaceMeal, we talked about wanting to cultivate this practice and this philosophy into our lives more. So our challenge is this:

Make more cuppas.

When you need a boost, take the time to make a proper cuppa something for yourself. Don’t gulp down a cup of styrofoamy coffee while en route somewhere else. Instead, sip. Slowly.

When you’re feeling antisocial and blue, invite someone over for a cuppa. Or share a long-distance cuppa over Skype. Or, just savor it for yourself.

End your dinners with cuppas and linger, just a little bit longer. Don’t feel awkward when conversation falls silent at the end of the meal. Rest in that silence. Savor it as you savor your cuppa. Relationships are built by what is unsaid as much as by what is said. The dishes can wait.

So will you take the Cuppa Challenge? Have one unique cuppa, every day, for a week (even if it’s by yourself). Then see how it grows from there.



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