Spring Cleaning PeaceMeal

This past weekend, a small group gathered to share a PeaceMeal in Wisconsin. The theme of the Meal was “spring cleaning for our bodies and minds.” We have just crawled out of a long, dark winter, and so I wanted to craft a meal that would be light and energizing. On the menu was Calming Salad with Honey Mustard Vinagrette, vegan Buttermilk Buckwheat Biscuits, a gluten free baguette, and Mood-Boosting Walnut Crusted Salmon.  

Big salad and BIG fragrant lilacs were a feast for the senses at the PeaceMeal

Big salad and BIG fragrant lilacs were a feast for the senses at the PeaceMeal

For dessert I debuted a new PeaceMeals recipe: brown rice pudding with Papaya-Mango Compote. This was a classic example of a recipe gone wrong. Maybe it was the almond milk I used, or too much sweetener, or I don’t know what…but the dessert really wasn’t that good. After making a big batch of it, however, I couldn’t bear to throw it away. So I put my culinary pride aside and just got real with the guests: eat at your own risk, and when you make it at home, definitely tweak the recipe.

But hey, that’s life, right? Not everything we make is going to be amazing. We just have to learn to accept it, hold our chins up, and allow people to take it or leave it. Laugh at our blunders and learn from them. Also: always have back-up chocolate for dessert.

Not as good at is looks. But that's life, right?

Not as good at it looks. But that’s life, right?

Besides my Dessert Disaster, we had great discussion at the PeaceMeal about nutrients that are good for anxiety, organic vs. conventional foods, and memorable meals. I absolutely loved this group and hope that we can assemble again soon…albeit with a less embarassing dessert next time.


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