PeaceMeals Reimagined

Listen to the quiet hum of the morning.

Home is wherever you share your table.

We’re back! Since moving and adjusting to a new place, I have been trying to foster a new sense of home. One aspect of this is about rooting PeaceMeals in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia in a way that can be useful to the community. It takes time to build relationships and identify people who may like to participate. But I have also reimagined PeaceMeals differently than ever before, as a social enterprise!

As you can see from the “menu” of services, PeaceMeals exists not only for groups, but also for individuals. This is for education and cooking, not medical or nutritional advice. I can’t/don’t give consultation on personal health issues (you need to work with licensed healthcare professional for that!), but I DO teach about principles of targeted nutrition, self care, stress management, and cooking.

The goal is for everyone to be empowered with practical, useful, every-day tools to nourish themselves and their communities throughout life’s ups and downs.

PeaceMeals’ goal is and always has been to facilitate healing in the kitchen and around the table, no matter what your story is.  As such, the aim is that these individual and group classes would make it possible to offer PeaceMeals to (typically, nonprofit) groups that have “helping” missions. For example, veterans associations, refugees, at-risk youth, etc. I would love this to eventually be a platform to get PeaceMeals’ participants plugged into volunteerism, because I believe that helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself too.

It’s a big vision, I know. But I am looking forward to seeing how it will grow here.

If you are in the DC/VA/MD area and are interested in joining a PeaceMeal, please contact us!


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